When Gray Becomes a Primary Color

Laurie Ann Nelson — author, cancer survivor, and celebrated speaker — understands the pain of having dreams deferred. Laurie shares her extraordinary story of overcoming a life-and-death battle with Stage 3 brain cancer. She never asked “why” this happened, she just knew that she had to remain positive and made the choice of fighting her illness.

Laurie is married and has one beautiful daughter and two wonderful grandchildren. Before her battle with cancer, she worked in a financial institution for 16 years, building her career in Retail banking. Laurie has been described as a ping pong ball in a hurricane, her relationships are stronger and the colors in her world are so much brighter.

Laurie believes that being diagnose with Cancer has been one of her life’s greatest gifts. Laurie currently lives in another country where Cancer awareness is not openly talked about.  Laurie’s mission is to provide a safe and open conversation with other Cancer Survivors through-out the world.

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